Success in anything is 20% mechanics and 80% mindset. Yet learning and effectively demonstrating these 'mindset' strategies is a challenging prospect for the majority of talented artists and film-makers. Participate in a range of laser-focused workshops and boost confidence in all manner of skills – from initial goal setting all the way to that final, all- important pitch!

The Ultimate Filmmaker Seminar

In a perfect world, you want to be able to wake up every morning and 'bring your A game' when it comes to your work. You want to be totally on fire about your goals, constantly moving forward and making the right decisions.

You're here because you have something to say – literally chomping at the bit to get your voice heard - but not quite sure the best way to get your point across to the widest audience possible.

This seminar will reveal the 7 essential mindset tools you must develop and master to give you the best possible chance of success. Participants from all backgrounds can look forward to a fun, genuine and motivational discussion towards making a fundamental shift in your perspective to not only succeed; but to have have fun along the way!

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Sell Yourself Conference

"Kisha Cameron-Dingle is an inspirational leader and motivational coach. She is sensitive and receptive, firm yet persuasive. Her programme, the “Sell Yourself Bootcamp”, really helped me rethink my approach to work and issues preventing me from reaching new heights in my career. I am glad I took part in the programme and I would highly recommend her services."

-- Tshego Molete Khanyile

Director: Training and Skills Development

Association for Transformation in Film and Television

Building productive, long-term relationships is one of the most crucial aspects for any creative professional, especially for emerging producers or directors. It is also one of the areas that the vast majority find most challenging.

Of course, everyone wants the money and success of selling, but putting-up with the frequent rejection that comes with the territory is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. All too often, creatives blame others for the lack of vision as a smokescreen for their inability to persuade. Others simply crumble under the pressure. Both are equally destructive.

The “Selling Your Self” Conference aims to change this often binary choice, transforming the act of “selling” instead into a fun, enriching process! A creative and untraditional approach suited perfect for artists - and guaranteed to inspire confidence in filmmakers, writers and producers to ensure they are noticed for who they are by the right people in industry.

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