In what is often a mentally demanding line of work, many artists encounter a point when they feel overburdened by the personal challenges they face on a daily basis. When this happens, their work can quite often fall by the wayside – mistakenly believing their efforts are not up to scratch. But it really doesn't have to be this way.

As a passionate producer herself, Kisha Cameron Dingle is living proof that belief in one's self is paramount to success. Concurrently an entrepreneur, life coach, professional speaker and mother to her two children – Kisha firmly recognizes that talent and chance encounters are simply not enough. To get anywhere in life you need determination, charisma and most importantly: belief.

The core goal of the Visionary Legacy Project is to inspire artistic individuals to truly find their own voice; to motivate these visionary people to refuse to be anything less than extraordinary and achieve their maximum potential – whatever that may be. As a leading expert in success strategies for a wide range of creative professionals – from filmmakers and writers to musicians and publicists – Kisha's highly-influential workshops, programs and one-to-one coaching sessions provide a unique environment from which to tap into resources you never knew existed.

About Kisha

Kisha is a long-time creative professional, with an extensive background in project management and studio development and holds a BFA in Film Production from New York University. Previously an executive at New Line Cinema, as well as spending nine years with Focus Features as executive director for the AFRICA FIRST SHORT FILM PROGRAM, the most successful film program of its kind, she oversaw the production of over 25 completed films with some of Africa's most promising young filmmakers through the program. Mrs. Dingle now operates the production company Completion Films. Current projects include 'TOK TOKKIE', a ghost thriller set in Cape Town directed by Jenna Bass – essentially a film adaptation of the novel 'WHO FEARS DEATH', by Nnedi Okorafor. Kisha dedicates her time via the Visionary Legacy Project to champion and provide support to creatives and filmmakers who have a unique perspective on the world. Previous to this, Mrs. Dingle served as Associate Producer on Sometimes in April, the HBO Film based on true events surrounding the 1994 genocide in Rwanda; and on Spike Lee’s controversial film, Bamboozled.