"Kisha's ability to find and cultivate cinematic talent is prolific, unparalleled, and extremely exciting."

-- Shari Frilot, Senior Programmer SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

How Do You Go From Trying To Be Seen To Being Sought After?

Many aspiring creatives ask me: "What's the secret formula? What's the difference between the filmmaker who is able to get their film made; the writer who lands that awesome publishing deal; or the markerting wizard 'fortunate' enough to get their next big break with a client? How can it be that those who have the talent never seem to make it past a certain point?"

The answer is simple -- those who have a clear VISION for themselves, who know EXACTLY what they want, and EXACTLY why they want it, succeed.  Period.  Those who don't linger until they do or fade away as the tide passes them by.

"Your only boundaries are what you believe about yourself."

What do you believe about yourself as an artist?  Are you hoping you're going to accomplish your goals, or do you actually, fully believe that you can do what you came here to do?

At first glance, believing in yourself may not seem important.  Most people think: "Hey, I'll just work hard and my confidence will improve with my results, right?". Wrong. Especially for artists who traditionally don't have a seat at the table -- typically persons of color, women, people from other places or countries where the business is not the same. This is more often than not the missing piece. If you don't KNOW you belong, the business will never make you feel like you do. Then, the myths and glass ceilings perpetuate themselves.

The entertainment business doesn't have the time or the inclination to prop you up and help you maintain the mental conditioning you need to thrive. That's your job. If you don't do it, you can never achieve or hold on to the success you really want.

"I am notoriously introverted and find it very difficult to articulate my vision in a way that my voice is heard. I was at a standstill with my project just weeks before production. After talking to Kisha, I understood exactly what I needed to do.

My film was selected for more than 100 film festivals and received over 20 awards, including a BAFTA Nomination!  Working with Kisha helped me create my best work, and I have become a better, more confident filmmaker and gained the confidence of financiers and peers alike."

-- Rungano Nyoni, Filmmaker

"A true visionary is someone who can use the power of who they really are to show the world something they've never seen before."

This place, this magical place that very few are able to actually achieve requires a complex formula of risk, vulnerability and courage. Our world is designed to love and gravitate towards those who are authentic and unique. We are called as artists and visionaries to be those people, but one often forgets the amount of support you need to sustain that particular spotlight, which is why so many perish under its glare.

When you want to show the world something they've never seen before, you have to be prepared to DO and GIVE something you've never given before.

"I'm here to push you out of your comfort zone, help you take risks and make sure you are SEEN as the powerful and visionary creator you came here to be."

Whether you're an actor, a filmmaker, a writer, PR consultant or just a part of the entertainment industry generally - it's all about VISION.  Just like your unique point of view on material or unique perspective on cinematic choices signals your hallmark, your mindset, drive and disciplines -- the things you MUST do regardless of whether you feel like it or not -- are what separates one from the other.

What's your level of conditioning?  Do you wake up every morning on fire, clear about what you need to do, looking fear of failure in the eye and DOING IT ANYWAY?  Or are you stuck, procrastinating about that "thing you want to do" or that "script you need to write but isn't ready to show yet"?

When you're able to connect to you, it's not just one project that changes. It's all of you.  It's what takes you from someone clamoring to be seen to being sought after, with everyone wanting your take or your vision for a project.  It's what happens at the next level.

"Working with Kisha is like opening that secret door in your house. The door that you walk by, are curious about, but are afraid to open because you know your fears, dreams and the portal to your success is on the other side. Kisha guides you as you open the secret door, walk through it, conquer your fears and claim your destiny."

-- Tanya Steele, Filmmaker